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by Closet Organ

Flesh Fetish 03:08
**VERSE ONE** Praise Jesus They’re here again There is nothing to fear A Kingdom of Men Thou shalt not covet Thou shalt obey Pluck out your eyes Cast them away **CHORUS** Flesh Fetish Flesh Fetish I’m fucking standing up Flesh Fetish Flesh Fetish I’m crying tears of cum Tight shorts and lycra pants are the stuff of sticky dreams Backflips and Pyramids Have me bursting at the seams **VERSE TWO** Food for the stomach The stomach for food Zettai Ryouiki They’re up to no good Flee from the wisdom and run from the truth We’ll worship the thigh highs The altar of youth
We took you in as one of us And we have barely mentioned Your place of birth We'll hide you in the attic Safe from the purge We only need allegiance Give us your vote --- Welcome back, you English scum. --- If every word is true Then there'll be no return They're sealing off the border The bridges burned Declaring martial law A war on ignorance They're just yielding to orders Don't give us that excuse --- Welcome back, you English scum.


Recorded in the Wyld Organ Studio, 2022.


released May 2, 2022


all rights reserved



Cow Tongue Taco Records Glasgow, UK

Independent, tape based label from Glasgow, Scotland. Genre neutral.

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